At one point recently, I was inspired to make an Ant Colony simulation game. The player would be responsible for planning the colony layout, drawing (pheromone) roads, and planning for disasters like predator attacks or floods. Once I got the path finding to a decent spot, I lost interest, and later realized that Dwarf Fortress has basically done the same thing, but better. Still, it was a good learning experience.

I’m going to post some binary packages here. They will likely be detected as a Virus by Windows Smart Screen or your antivirus software.

Installer exe | Standalone exe | Zip Package

Everything is © Dominic Schaedler.

L-Click: Dig Tunnel. This is intentionally slow
R-Click: Pathfind to click location. Will not be exact, as the game uses a grid for pathfinding
F1: Generate New Map
F2: Show debug screen. Contains FPS